Dawn’s Early Light – Video Playthrough – Day Four Report

It’s the final day of the battle as Pact and NATO forces slug it out to see who wins control of the Eisenbach Gap.  The shattered remnants of the 1st Panzer Division and the West German Territorials try desperately to hang on and keep Stahlhammer Air Force Base as an armored tsunami threatens to engulf them.

Meanwhile, American forces attempt to cut the line of communication between Eisenbach and the Soviet rear, pushing every man and piece of equipment across the bridges in the southwest.  The Soviets seem to have victory within their tenuous grasp but any mistake can spell disaster at this point.  Tune in for the shocking conclusion to the scenario 1 playthrough of Corps Command:  Dawn’s Early Light!


  1. Anonymous

    You came a lot closer to having a NATO victory than I ever have with scenario 1. That thing is TOUGH for NATO! I may have to break it out and play it again!

    I agree with your comments about solo play – it works VERY well for that! The system isn't tough to learn, but the nuances on which asset chits should be chosen adds a bit of depth. And while Line of Fire added a scenario (or maybe 2), i do wish there were more scenarios (and more maps)!

  2. Hi Dean, Thanks for the comments! I think the only reason NATO didn't get completely stomped in the early game was that I kept the shattered remnants of the Americans off to the west for most of the game, waiting for the end to try and rush the Soviets. Unfortunately, the Soviets kept the Americans bottled up after they tried to rush the bridges and that was that. I know what you mean, though – I've had to call the game early more than once because there was just nothing left of NATO by day 3!

    Late last year, I tried my hand at a random events table for Dawn's Early Light and I think it was printed in one of the recent issues of Line of Fire if you can get hold of it. I think (okay, I hope) it adds a bit more depth to the gameplay although, as you say, it's pretty meaty as it is. I also really hope they continue to support DEL and release some more stuff for it in the future. It's one of my favorites!

  3. Hi and thanks for your DEL report (well, thanks for the blog as a whole, it's great!). It got me back to the game, and I played twice during the last week. The first game went to the Soviets, who punched through on both fronts (north and south), and by the end of day two, Nato was reduced to hoping for a miracle by the ACR and Territorials. Of course, they couldn't deliver, so Pact got all three Victory Points. But, yesterday, Nato managed to halt the Soviet advance in the south very effectively, and Eisenbach did not fall. The Pact forces could not get through the bridge at south of the mountains either, so even though the US forces suffered mightily, they held the line. In the north, despite early Soviet success at Eben, the Germans delayed successfully and almost held the Airfield to the end. The territorial armor unit guarding the base fell at the last impulse to the Soviet Paras, but that was not enough for a Pact victory. So, a rare Nato victory here!

    I must also mention that reading your blog made me order Eisenbach Gap, and I love your Seventh Fleet reports, as I got the game a few months ago, and have been trying the first scenarios a few times.

  4. Thanks very much for your kind comments! Good to hear that you managed to pull off a NATO victory. I always get a bit of a sense of accomplishment from keeping the Soviets at bay in DEL. I'm really glad to hear that you're enjoying the blog and trying out some new games. Your comments reminded me that I'll have to get back to doing some 7th Fleet – it's one of my favorites!

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