7th Fleet: Soviet Bastion – Turn 3

In the first two turns of this scenario, the US submarines began their approach towards the Kurile Islands in hopes of breaking through the Soviet submarine defense perimeter.  The Americans are trying desperately to get submarines into the Soviet bastion zone in the Sea of Okhtosk.  In turn 2, the Soviets successfully sunk one of the US submarines (the Bremerton) as it made a mad dash for the Kuriles.

Start of turn 3

Things heat up considerably in turn 3.

The Americans win initiative again this turn and decide to send their three southernmost submarines at full speed towards the Soviet perimeter in hopes of getting through unscathed.

The USS Guardfish moves northwest at full speed and is immediately detected by the Soviets.  As it enters the Soviet close defense hex near the tip of Hokkaido, it comes under attack and is damaged.

The Springfield and Dace also hurl themselves at full speed and are instantly detected.  They make it to the Soviet close defense hex to the north of Shikotan island and are attacked.  Luckily, however, they are undamaged.

Up north the USS Silversides makes a dash to the west and is detected.

Soviet action segment:

The Soviet submarines attack with a fury during this turn.  With the help of Soviet reconaissance aircraft, they manage to damage the USS Silversides.  The Guardfish, Dace, and Springfield are untouched, however, as the Soviets conduct a high-speed tempo dance of ASW around them.

end of turn 3

The Dace and the Springfield are the only two American submarines that could reach the Bastion area by the end of the next turn (which is the end of the scenario).  Can they hold out?

End of Turn 3

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