World at War: Eisenbach Gap – Hell’s Wings (Part I)

Well, it’s time to go back to the Reagan era and do some battle with the commies.  In this scenario, the Americans are tasked with defending the Eisenbach area from some major Soviet attacks.  Here’s the OOB.

Team Yankee – 2 M1 Abrams tank platoons, 1 infantry platoon with Stinger Anti-Air Missile and an M-113.

Team Alpha: 1 AH-1 Cobra due to enter the fray in Round 5. That will be pretty late in the game but it’s better than never.

Team Bravo: 2 Infantry platoons, 1 M1 Abrams platoon, a TOW Jeep, and a mobile SAM launcher – M48 Chaparral.

Soviet OOB: Soviet 2nd Airborne Division. 6 Infantry platoons with an 81mm Mortar section, an SA-7 shoulder-launched anti-air missile launcher, and a Sagger AT weapon. Let the good times roll!

Soviet OOB: 2 Mi-24 Hind-E helicopters. Very deadly…you go first.

Soviet OOB: 1st Tank Division at full strength. Since this scenario starts on the third day of the war, we get to have full strength companies and divisions. Yay! Note the attached mobile Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) vehicle, the Shilka.

Part One is Le Done.  Part II will feature the battle..  Thanks for reading!

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