Sixth Fleet: Libyan-American War (Part V of VI)

Turn 5 Day 2:  Afternoon

The US started off by trying to clear away the Libyan submarines that were skulking around the American task force.  Unfortunately, the results of their efforts were for naught.  Those pesky subs were still there after ASW efforts.

The submarine USS Omaha had better luck, destroying two fast attack craft that were near the US carrier task force.  The remnants of the Libyan flotilla shot at the carrier with SSMs but failed to hit anything.

The US carrier task force is in the middle.  Very cluttered area!

The Americans decided on an all-out air strike on Tripoli this time, sending the entire attack group off to bomb installations around the city.  After the US fighters shoot down the meager number of MiG-23s on CAP over the city, SAMs and AAA took out a pair of F-18s.  Bomb damage was assessed as “largely ineffective”.  Still, the Americans did gain three victory points for hitting the city.

The Libyans fought back by sending out the remaining planes in their air force to strike the US carriers.  MiG-23s and Su-20s managed to somehow slip by the F-14 Tomcats but once on their bombing run, all of the Su-20s were destroyed by surface to air missiles.  The Libyan Air Force now consists of a handful of MiG-23s.  Figuring that the next target would likely be Benghazi or Darnah, the MiGs landed in Benghazi and will attempt a CAP next turn.

So far, the Libyans have not had too much luck in defending or attacking but things have not gone entirely smooth for the Americans either.


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