Sixth Fleet: Libyan-American War (Part II)

Turn 2 was quite interesting and offered its share of frustrations for both the Libyan and American sides.

Turn 2 Day 1:  Afternoon

It started with the American subs trying to hunt down the Libyan subs.  The USS Omaha struck at the damaged Libyan sub Fateh and destroyed it then moved south.  The rest of the American sub fleet did the same, trying to clear a path for the US carrier task force on its way from Italy.
After that, the Libyans go nuts and combine their entire air force of MiG-23s and Su-20s and take off from Tripoli to strike at the approaching American carrier task force.  
Miraculously, the Libyan MiGs manage to shoot down one F-14 and evade the US combat air patrol.  I shook my head in disbelief as I turned the F-14 counter to the damaged side, thinking, “They’re never gonna believe this.” The Libyan aircraft focus all of their bombing efforts on the Nimitz but are unable to score any effective hits.  Anti-aircraft fire and SAMs launched by the American ships manage to destroy a pair of MiGs.  
Libyan MiGs try to bomb the US task force.

The Americans tracked the aircraft all the way back to their bases in Tripoli and launched their F-18s, an A-6 squadron and an EA-6 Prowler to bomb their bases.  As it turned out, the Libyan AAA would have shot down one of the American aircraft but the EA-6 altered the dice roll enough that everyone was okay. Good thing he came along! Without any fighters to defend Tripoli, the US pounds the Libyans and destroys half a squadron of Su-20 attack aircraft.  
The US bombing raid on Tripoli.

As the US carrier task force arrived in the Central Mediterranean, the Libyan small patrol craft launched long range surface-to-surface missiles at the American task force, failing to seriously damage any of the American vessels.  Afterwards, the Libyan boats sped off to the port in Benghazi, marking the start of their hit and run tactics. 
Overall, there were some big gambles this turn as the Libyans launched an all-out attack against the Americans and the US responded with a raid on Tripoli without losing any planes.


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