Welcome to my site! My name is Brad Smith and I’m a writer interested in military and science fiction. I also play and write about games. You can find a list of my current works here. If you’re interested in signing up for my mailing list, please click here.


I’m originally from Canada. I currently live in rural Japan where I run a small business teaching English. I also spend my days writing books and playing games. My interests lie in modern military history and geopolitics, specifically the late Cold War. I have another blog, Hexsides & Hand Grenades where I write about wargaming.

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On The Way

Over the last several months, I’ve been extremely busy writing new material for Lock ‘n Load Publishing. Helmed by David Heath, LnLP is a wargame company that has been around for more than ten years. They are the license holders for the upcoming World at War ’85 series, which is designed by Keith Tracton. Back …


You can contact me by e-mail at this domain. I’m always happy to read constructive feedback about my work.